Android Developer


The Application Developer works alongside designers and system software engineers to deliver best in class functionality for the Exploride HUD. The ideal candidate works to develop a suite of flagship applications that define the Exploride heads-up display experience, with a focus on tight integration and automotive grade robustness. These apps will ship by default with every EXPLORIDE.

Requisite skills include strong user interaction chops, creation of reusable code to speed app development and tasteful development of classes that export features of the Exploride to 3rd party application developers. The applications developed are the rider’s portal to the technology we pack into every Exploride HUD and also serve as an example to 3rd party developers on how to deliver stunning design in a functional package.


  • Java
  • Android


  • Minimum 3 years of hands-on experience with the Android SDK.
  • BS/MS in computer science or comparable degree or requisite experience
  • Insane attention to detail and quality
  • Expert in working with custom views, fragments.
  • Proficient in networking APIs and JSON parsing.
  • Prior experience writing APIs
  • Ability to self-start and focus on high impact areas
  • Be vocal in suggesting changes to the UI/UX.
  • Knowledge of Android Unit Testing and Automation Frameworks.


  • Experience creating head-up display or automotive applications
  • Experience with Bluetooth APIs
  • Experience with Maps
  • Experience in Voice integration
  • Has shipped an app from a factory image on a retail device, or via the Android Marketplace
  • Experience with C/C++, Android NDK
  • Special consideration for Google Glass experience
  • Experience interfacing to hardware (camera, wireless connectivity, sensors, etc)
  • Contribution to frameworks used by other app developers