Exploride July 20 2016 Update

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Exploride Newsletter
July edition


Our apologies for the radio silence the last couple months. We know it has been a long time since we shared an update, but we’ve had our heads down focusing on some exciting developments and big news is brewing. The primary reason for the delay is that the firmware development is taking much longer to develop than we ever could have imagined. Circuit which control the IR sensors were not working like we expected.

We had some frustrating show-stopper firmware issue to tackle, even though we had tested these parts together on a breadboard ahead of our hardware bring-up we didn’t expect this in the beta device. But thankfully, we have resolved those issues.


We are happy to announce that we have also resolved our optical engineering issues in EXPLORIDE. We are getting a 2.5M virtual image (initially we were planning for 1.5M) with our current optical engineering design. We are also proud to announce our tie-up with Texas Instruments – Dallas for the optical engineering development.

Avijit Prakash is our lead optical engineer. He holds a Masters degree in Instrument Technology from the IIT. Avijit is the master brain behind the cutting edge optical engineering solution for Exploride.

Things are finally starting to come together in the firmware and moving more quickly. We have not cut any corners and have production-level hardware at the following stages of completion.

1. In Built battery – Exploride now comes with an inbuilt battery which will help to hibernate the product. The current battery systems give around 2-5 minutes of backup. This technology helps surge protect Exploride.

2. Maps (Real-time traffic updates and analysis for routing) – Exploride has partnered with an organization that is providing solutions for same maps and traffic used by leading automotive companies such as Audi, BMW, and Daimler.

3. Offline Mapping (Complete offline capability for turn by turn navigation and routing)– Users can now choose which maps to install or delete. We offer navigation in over 80 countries, and the divisions are either state-based or local administrative. E.g. in USA, users can choose to download by Region (east Coast), State (California), or the entire country.

4. Navigation history – We now support Recent Lists and Favorites.

Remaining Challenges

1. Complete all firmware features.

2. Build the plastic molds and run production samples. This is not as harrowing as it sounds. We are confident that our design is ready for manufacturing.

3. Revise the electronics design – Our list of changes so far is small, but we must test out the final electronics design BEFORE we build ~ 5000+ units.

4. Manage Supply Chain and come up with a logistics plan.

5. Perform Quality testing. Many of us come from a vast testing background, so we know the importance of pre-production and manufacturing test. We will not compromise on testing.

We invested a lot of time and effort up front and it really paid off! Currently, we are laser focused on the final software development and user experience. Our strong dedication and sleepless nights have finally resulted in something that we are proud of.


We will be shipping our first batch of beta products in Q3.Select early adopters will be able to experience our beta product first hand and give us vital feedback about our beta firmware. These units will ship with the final hardware configuration. You will be receiving emails before the end of August includes the beta program developer details and requesting updated shipping address if necessary.

Tech In Asia 2016

Exploride was one of the top 7 startups that were selected for the Tech In Asia conference 2016.


(Since we are in process of filing patents, we have blurred the key components of the product)


Pranav Ranjan – Product Manager of Exploride sharing more information about Exploride – Tech In Asia 2016. Pranav comes with 18+ years of experience in software development and architecture. Being a people person, he has been able to get diverse groups of people to work effectively towards a common objective.


We would like to personally apologize for anyone who has emailed us over the last 4 weeks. We have been swamped with questions and we have not done a good job at managing the overload, leading to a bunch of unanswered messages. To fix this, we now have dedicated customer support representatives working for our backers.

Some of our backers have recently sent us letters of support, that they understand that what we are doing is challenging but that they love the product and will wait for it to be done right. We really appreciate the encouragement. We are incredibly thankful for our supporters/backers and would never have been able to create the Exploride without them

We are simultaneously trying to solve challenges in hardware, firmware, and mechanical design all in parallel, while starting up a new company. It is all moving forward, just not as quickly as we would like.

Again, we wouldn’t be here without our backers and we are so grateful for your support. Next newsletter with updated images, videos, all new website can be expected on August 10th. We will be posting frequent progress both here and on the blog to keep you updated as we are getting closer and closer to sending you your product!

~Thank You
Sunil & The Exploride Team

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