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Sugar, spice and everything nice? Well, not quite. It is passion, poise and zest that drives us. It is these ideals that drive me as a founder, and it is what I look for in my team. I don’t look for people who take orders, who are pencil pushers, and who look for office-politics for entertainment. The people I believe in, and who make it to our team, are the ones who think outside the box, who don’t let any factor hold them back while ideating their masterpiece, and who bring a unique factor to my team.

My hiring experience is weird, to say the least. But it is this quirkiness that brought so many multi-talented and zealous people in my team. So, I will introduce you to my core team below. They are the brains behind the project, they don’t get scared to get some grease under their nails and these are the people who complete this venture we have taken up.

1. Pranav — He is the man with the questions! With an extensive background of software development and architecture, 16 years to be exact, I was a little apprehensive to offer him a role in a startup that is still budding. But after much contemplation, after a lot doubt clearing sessions and after numerous questions addressed to us (which were all answered) he joined our hands to take Exploride to the zenith of the success that we have envisioned for ourselves. He understands the product we offer fully and further, he realizes the scale we are currently working on. He holds a key role at our firm and I am certain that he, along with his kickass team will add the pizzazz in firm which we were in dire need of.

2. Sunit — I was looking for a designer that is not only original with his ideas, but also who doesn’t shy away from dreaming big. The thirst to be a part of something huge, something wildly different, the ability to tackle the craziest puzzles is what I was looking for in my Designer. After much toil and numerous interviews, I couldn’t find my ideal candidate. But then, Sunit happened! It was a mere click of chance that bought me to Sunit’s profile on LinkedIn, and his experience was extensive. He had previously worked for Mobile apps, Web, OS for mobile, Car Navigation design with companies like Ymedia, Mindtree, Snapdeal and CarWale. But it was his passion that stood apart, that made me sure that I want him aboard. Then, we talked and the rest is history!

3. Peeyush — He is the perfect example of how some few random conversations can be lucrative and bring to us what we have been looking for! He approached me on a business networking website and congratulated me on developing the coolest HUD. It is crazy how our energies and aspirations matched. One thing led to another and I offered him a role at Exploride. So, without any hesitation and second guessing, he dropped his resignation letter at Oracle and joined our team. Peeyush’s experience at Oracle and Bravura technologies imparted in him the qualities that we needed!

4. Kapil — With a Master’s Degree from IIT — Delhi and with discipline, leadership qualities and great arduousness instilled in him in The Indian Army, he became our first employee. It’s a mere great coincidence that I met him lingering outside our office, the conversation surely turned out to be rewarding for both of us as he joined us within a week. He is our electrical guy and there is no price that can be put on the hard work he does in this firm!

5. Avijit — A specialist in optics and hologram trained in Germany, and with a degree from IIT Delhi, Avijit likes to take up challenges that keep us all puzzled. He was looking to be a part of a firm that not only helps him grow, but also one that keeps him on his toes all the time and that’s why he joined us. When is not solving Optical engineering problems, you will either see him learning about the latest technological advancements or he chitchatting with his colleagues!

6. Jithin — He joined us as a Lead Firmware Engineer and his dedication, tenacity and innovativeness took us miles closer to the product that we now proudly boast of. What gives him his uniqueness is that he never shies away from jumping into a quagmire of a situation, and he gives it everything he can to solve it; no matter how much time it takes, no matter uncountable number of coffee mugs it takes, you can be assured that you will find the solution!

7. Imad — With extensive experience in brands like Flex, Jawbone, Nokia and Motorola, he is now our VP of Operations in USA. I met him for the first time at Flex — San Francisco for the first time and coincidently, he was the one who introduced me to flex. When we connected again, he was wrapping up with his days in Flex. I asked him to be our Adviser, but luckily, I found in him my VP of Operations. He brings the team together with his enthusiasm, one track mind and his quick eye for problems.

You might say that it is a mere coincidence that brought us team together, but it is a deliberate, well thought out team that we have put together. They all have their uniqueness, combine it with our ardent dream to see our firm gaining the heights of success, and you have the perfect solution for any hurdle that we may have in our path. To the entire Exploride Team – Cheers.

Sunil Vallath | Founder & CEO

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