Exploride October 2nd 2016 Update

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Thanks for checking Exploride’s October update, first of all, Please accept our gratitude and appreciation for your support towards Exploride. As we refine the product, we’re putting Exploride through regular usability tests to ensure it performs up to the mark in everyday use. We are making sure that we are fulfilling the requirements for safety, comfort, and information.

Why we build Exploride?

According to Global road safety report every 30 seconds a person is killed in a road crash, more than 3300 per day and over 1.25 million people per year dying in road accidents worldwide. As many as 50 million are injured unfortunately many cases go unreported in some countries. Our goal is to give you significant information that you require on the HUD while driving so that you Keep your eyes on the road and stay safe. Our technology makes your driving experience more exciting and safe!

Product Update:

We are happy to inform you that our firmware department has fixed GPS, Voice recognition, fixed multiple bugs concerning firmware after the test runs. We’ve been testing the device every day to ensure our firmware and software are stable and flawless. Our primary focus is to make sure our hardware is stable and power efficient. We are also doing parallel research regarding Gestures to create more options like rotations in both directions clock, anti-clockwise, waving and much more.

We have been doing lots of research and testing to make the product much more robust and efficient. We are in final phase of OBD Rideboard development. Exploride Rideboard lets you understand better about your driving patterns. You can share your trips or analyze your driving behavior. You can use it to get a tax discount or use the data while selling your car. The Rideboard data is read-only, and it helps the buyer to understand better about the way you have used your car. You can even use this information to get a personalized insurance plan. (We are not supporting any insurance agencies right now. Do subscribe to our newsletter and we will update our progress on that). You can preview the Exploride Rideboard :- https://rideboard.exploride.com/

Our Software Team is always updating Maps to make Navigation more customized and user-friendly on HUD. Currently, we have added a cool music player into our Exploride to play music which is accessible from all HUD screens like Map screen or OBD screen. Our designers are working on User Interface to make the resolution on HUD more visible and non-distractive. Voice control has been tested successfully regarding switching to different screens, Music (play, pause, next, back), Navigation on the map, etc. We will be adding more voice hot words after the beta test.


Exploride has grown from 5 to 17 in two countries India and USA. (Image from our R&D team in Bangalore – India)


We are selected as the best innovative company of 2016 by Texas Instruments. Our Founder Mr. Vallath receiving the Jack Kilby Award from Texas Instruments.

Date: September29th, 2016

Challenges in progress:

1.Logistics and insurance

2.Performing better Quality research and testing in Hardware and software segment.

Shipping Update:

Backers who have ordered beta edition will receive Exploride time from October to December 2016, If this changes you will be informed immediately. We thank you for your Support and patience, we highly value your feedback, suggestions, and comments, if you have any concerns or query, please remember we are just an email away.

Product Review

Kevin William from Product Hunt magazine visited our office. Kevin will be reviewing the product soon, and we cannot wait to share his experience with all of our backers.


Our Team is working round the clock to ensure that errors are fixed within the deadline. We highly recommend you to participate in this critical survey; this will help us understand your requirement and may make the product and the updates affordable in the long run.

Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5NZFL3L


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