New Challenge, New Rules

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We, UX and UI designers, go through multiple challenges on daily basis for our projects. However, designing a HUD OS was a new kind of challenge for me. Yet, me being a driving enthusiast and given my high domain experience (automotive), I accepted this challenge with grace and keeping in mind that this quest, that I have undertaken, will not be an easy one. And with that thought, I began designing HUD.

Designing a Mobile App, was easy for me, since it’s been more than 8 years since I have been doing it. Plus, the guidelines shared by Apple and Android work as a lifesaver. In the case of HUD, there are no set guidelines as this is an entirely new domain for us Designers, and because of that reason, I had no clue where to start and with what to begin. So far, very few Designers have been successful in designing HUD OS all across the world, but this what intrigues me, this new trope was yet to be conquered; this is exactly why I decided to take it on.

Our long-term vision is to open our HUD platform for Third Party Developers and Designers and help them in building apps based on our guidelines. Hence, I have started developing design guidelines and continuously trying to capture all required elements and layout.

However, the journey was not so easy, and I faced multiple challenges and problems in the beginning. I learned a lot of new things as well, and I have decided to jot down few of them that will help the next generation of budding HUD.

Create Your Own Path

Navigation bar, Tab bar, and other iOS and Material Design components are what we all are quite used to; these applications are done and dusted. So to keep the innovativeness going, the only way to move forward is to churn your own way. I started creating my own HUD guidelines and we use our own components; these guidelines include all sorts of layout options, notifications, gesture design, voice and other elements that you may require to create your own unique Design.

Less is More

Our product is highly active and it is continually involved in your driving schemes; consider this, when the driving speed is high, it doesn’t show notifications so it doesn’t distract the driver and the driving can continue on smoothly; but when the user is driving at the lower speed, it pushes notifications like stock updates, event reminders, news alerts, according to the choice of the user. So, working with HUD has made me realize that less is more when it comes down to the brass tacks, it will only show information that is essential at that particular point in time.

A Clear Vision

 A vision was imagined before this project started, we had a clear view in mind and we had every intention to stick to it. Since this was an entirely new domain for me, I got the freedom to work on and experiment with, whole user experience from the core. Personalization, minimal graphics, easy to use, conversational, impressive & surprising are few keywords which helped us to decide the vision; and you should keep in mind that it is always advisable to jot down these keywords, it not only makes the vision clearer but also, helps in sticking to the plan.

Take Out the Unnecessary

While ideating any mobile app, there used to be certain guiding principles which we had to adhere to, we used to have a couple of features on a screen. But here we decided to reverse this procedure, instead to thinking what would the users need, we thought about what they would deem unnecessary, and have a wide Designing experience helped in this process. The User Interface that was designed here was keeping in mind the elements are futile; we try to give only that information which is useful and non-distractive for the user while driving. Even the UI we have implemented here has different types of layout, for example, when the users are driving at high speed the UI becomes minimal, as they want to concentrate on the driving and for doing that, we don’t let the UI take a full view of the road.

This exclusive article lets you in with some of the cutting-edge technology which is yet to enjoy the mainstream attention. We are glad, and proud, to showcase some of the latest examples of User Interface for the first time ever (below are some snapshots of our interface, taken from the app). We are still experimenting, we are still learning, and we are still at the phase where we marvel at this juncture we are at; so it is indispensable for us to keep this enthusiasm going, and for that, we have decided to keep you in the loop. We shall keep you posted about every new discovery, and every new question we came across.






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