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How to be a Focused Driver in a Distracted World

By Exploride|July 13, 2017|Uncategorized|0 comments

Imagine this: You sit in the driver’s seat, buckle your seatbelt, start the ignition, and start on your commute into work. You stay focused with your eyes on the road and your hands on your steering wheel for your entire drive. And then you come to a screeching halt because if you’re like most drivers today, that last scenario couldn’t […]

Quick update!

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Good day! We’re excited to connect with you again! We are going to send a product update very soon which will have a complete info including official shipping timeline, videos, and/or pictures of Exploride. we are in the final phase of testing and development. Kindly continue supporting us and stay tuned. One of our Prototype testing videos – We just […]

Functionality Video – May 2017

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We’d like to share a short video showing Exploride Functionality. These are internal testing videos and not professional ones, so Kindly excuse the quality of the video and the way it was shot. We thank you for your continued support and patience with Exploride. We will keep you updated.   Thank you Best Regards, Team Exploride

New Campaign Update!

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Dear Backers, Watch the Quick Highlights! Exploride at 87th Geneva International Motor Show with Spyker Automobiles…   In Pics…   Upcoming Event: Exploride, Spyker Cars will exhibit their innovations in the New York International Auto Show which is the oldest and largest auto show in the United States. If you are around NYC, do come visit us, our team will walk you through the demo of the product.   […]

Exploride at 87th Geneva International Motor Show with Spyker Automobiles

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We are excited and honored to announce that Exploride is officially integrating its technology in Spyker Automobiles. Spyker is a Dutch based automobile company that produces high-end sports cars Since 1880. We are delighted to launch our product “Exploride” at 87th Geneva International Motor show through 2017 Spyker C8 Preliator Spyder. We are also working with a couple of other automobile manufacturers […]

New Challenge, New Rules

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We, UX and UI designers, go through multiple challenges on daily basis for our projects. However, designing a HUD OS was a new kind of challenge for me. Yet, me being a driving enthusiast and given my high domain experience (automotive), I accepted this challenge with grace and keeping in mind that this quest, that I have undertaken, will not […]

Technically, the glass is always full

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Optical engineering is a field of study which focuses on optical techniques in engineering and system design applications. The primary focus on Optical designing is to create parts like lenses and another medium that make use of properties of light. Creating a smart device using optical application which transfers the power of light into something unique, useful and wonderful is […]

Exploride October 2nd 2016 Update

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Thanks for checking Exploride’s October update, first of all, Please accept our gratitude and appreciation for your support towards Exploride. As we refine the product, we’re putting Exploride through regular usability tests to ensure it performs up to the mark in everyday use. We are making sure that we are fulfilling the requirements for safety, comfort, and information. Why we […]

Building a team with vision

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Sugar, spice and everything nice? Well, not quite. It is passion, poise and zest that drives us. It is these ideals that drive me as a founder, and it is what I look for in my team. I don’t look for people who take orders, who are pencil pushers, and who look for office-politics for entertainment. The people I believe […]

Exploride July 20 2016 Update

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Exploride Newsletter July edition Our apologies for the radio silence the last couple months. We know it has been a long time since we shared an update, but we’ve had our heads down focusing on some exciting developments and big news is brewing. The primary reason for the delay is that the firmware development is taking much longer to develop […]